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About Us

Perfection From Retro Catering

Retro-Catering-logoRetro catering company in Malaysia offers one-stop catering services. Since it was founded in March 2012, the company continues to offer distinct catering, event management services beyond customer expectations. Through high quality services, Retro Catering has been able to stand out among catering services in Malaysia. The services are appealing to both the locals and visitors. The following are the stand-alone services that Retro Company offers to different clients.

What So Special About Us?

The Menu

The dishes provided by the catering provider are carefully assorted and are prepared with high professional touch. Through professional engagement, the Master Chef ensures that the right directives are followed in coming up with high quality foods while maintaining the standards. Additionally, clients can enjoy a wide range of dishes. There are more than 100 dish types for customer choices. At Retro Catering, there is surety of getting the dish of your choice.

Dish Classification

The Malaysian catering concepts have been incorporated in the classification of dishes. The concepts feature both local and international Malaysian dish types. The concepts help in quick selection by clients. You can customize your taste with the different catering concepts for a unique taste. Here, customer ideas and opinions are accepted since customers are the live blood of our business.

Experienced and effective staff team

Our team is experienced and professional in different areas of catering and event management. The team is supportive and ensures that customers are treated very well on their visit to Retro Catering. Their seamlessness is enhanced by their high qualifications and training in premium catering institutions. At Retro, you will feel at home with the highly hospitable services.


One feature that sets Retro Catering apart is the reasonable cost of dishes. Our dishes are fairly priced for all clients. Quality is also maintained at this price. Our dishes are just affordable to everyone.

For a unique and splendid catering and event management services, you can visit Retro Catering.

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