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Banquet Catering Malaysia, though founded in March 2012, has turned into the premier choice for the clients in Malaysia. This is because not only the enticing food that we provide, but also the good attitudes and well manners that our professional team offers during services. For the food, we always ensure that the ingredients are always the best quality and organic. And for the services, the needs from every client are always our priority when serving. Besides providing banquet catering services, we also provide event management services for the convenience of our clients. Through the support for the years so far, we are confident to provide you a better service.

We are one part of the Retro Catering which consists of these professional services.





We have seek for the best partnership with another banquet catering service provider to ease our honourable clients. The banquet service provider – Malaysia E-Village will provide you all the banquet catering decorations and equipment rentals. To get to know more about Malaysia E-Village, please visit www.EventCompanyMalaysia.com

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