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Banquet Lunch

Reasons Why People Should Opt For A Banquet Lunch

lunch-banquet-01Setting a banquet lunch table may seem to some people like a daunting task but it is not hard. Basically, it is ideal that the food at your buffet is organized in a manner which resembles the dining experience. This means that it is always appropriate that you put salads, soups and appetizers first, followed by breads, side dishes and entrees, with the dessert coming at a separate dessert station or even at the end of the buffet line.

Why People Should Choose A Banquet Lunch

Serving Beverages is Usually Easy

When you opt for a banquet lunch, serving beverages can be very easy. It is ideal that beverages are placed near the beginning of the lunch table as most guests will like to mingle and then start their lunch with a cold beverage or a glass of wine. Ensure that you as well provide a bar for drinks like beer, wine, juice or soda. Make sure that there is plenty of ice available as well.

Utensils Can Hustle Free Be used

A banquet lunch can ensure that the foods and plates are used for the intended purpose without much hustle. Place the utensils, napkins, plates, drinks and foods in the order your lunch guests will use them. Make sure that everything that the guest may need is available in order to prevent him or her form returning to the lunch table because of forgetting something. It is important that you put the utensils, plates as well as napkins at the heads of your lunch table.

Ensuring that All Necessities Are Easily Accessible

This is another effective advantage that you can reap if you opt for a banquet lunch idea. This can really contribute to making the guests happy with your services. Ensure that appetizers, soup as well as salad are in one place. It is essential that the main entree is placed next to them, followed by the dinner rolls. It is extremely important that the salad dressings, crushed pepper and croutons are surrounding your salad bowls. Ensure that you stick the correct condiment appropriately near the dish that they go with, like roast beef with a horseradish sauce bowl and butter near the breads.

Making the Availability Of Napkins Easy

Opting for a banquet lunch that is well organized can ensure that the Napkins are easily accessible for the guests. To make this true, ensure that while organizing a banquet lunch you keep napkins easily accessible at both ends of the table, including the table which your guests will be using when eating. Offer large tongs for your dishes and keep an extra set for each dish available.

Ensuring that Drinks Can Be Served Easily

A banquet lunch never misses water glasses as well as water pitchers. Provide water pitchers as well filled water glasses on the eating table. Serve coffee also with percolators that hold a large amount of coffee. Set spoons, coffee cups, sugar and fresh cream near each percolator. Also, the set coffee set up should be placed properly near the dessert.

lunch-banquet-02Last but not the least; if you are organizing a lunch for your guests, it is ideal that you opt for a banquet lunch in order to reap the above mentioned benefits.

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