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For The Very Best Banquet Menus In Malaysia

banquet-menu-02For the upcoming special occasion you might have, be it the launching of a business or a pre-wedding affair, our experienced and highly qualified banquet caterers are dedicated to assist you in every step of your banquet planning to make your special occasion simply unforgettable. From the food that is put on the table to you and your guests, linens used to cover the tables, decorations in the banquet room, audio-visual enhancements to the desserts and appetizers served before the main course meal, all is done at your choice; thus partnering with us is crucial to ensure that your event remains devoid of disappointments.

The Specials Of Our Menus

Each Menu Are Uniquely Designed For Your Occasion

For your special occasion to be a success, everyone must get a fill from the banquet menu you specified. To make sure that the food prepared by our chefs will accommodate each of your guests, it is important to submit the list of attendees well before the actual event. Consultation with our banquet managers is in place to ensure that you are full aware of our specifications such as the minimum age of the paying guest and the minimum attendance number for which a banquet is prepared.

Traditional And Modern Menus Offered

From the traditional to the extravagant modern, exotic dishes, we offer quite a variety in our affordable banquet menus from which you can choose from. Furthermore, if it is not in our menus, we are glad to quote you for it, in order to make your banquet occasion success guaranteed. All arrangements pertaining to your banquet menu, room arrangements, special decorations and special requests if there are any should be submitted to our banquet manager well early enough before your special occasion. For those who feel that they want to make additions or substitutions, this should also be done early enough. If you are not sure of what you and your guests should take during the event, our expert culinary artisans and banquet managers will be happy to help you make the best choices.

Special Decorations

For those who want to bring their own special decorations, you must first make consultations with our banquet managers for approval to avoid denials at the last minute. With the help of our banquet managers, you can schedule time prior to the event when the decorations should be done. Additional items such as table linens can also be added at you request. In compliance with our regulations and in bid to prevent damage of property, wall adhesives, nails, tack or glue cannot be used to hang decorations. Also the use of confetti and candles with an open flame is not allowed in compliance with the local fire laws.

Create a perfect themed occasion

To create the perfect themed evening for you and your guests, full audio and visual enhancements are available at your request. If hired from an outside vendor, they must comply with the local regulations. For other specifications such as bringing of extra-foodstuffs such as cakes, prior consultation with our banquet manager is necessary.


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For all your banquet menu choices, we bring expertise to all menus with special emphasis on creating memorable menus for your big day event all at a very friendly and affordable cost.

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