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Wedding Banquet

Wedding banquets for all seasons in Malaysia

wedding-banquet-02Are you planning a wedding in Malaysia? Your wedding day is a special occasion that you want to remember forever. Planning for it may, however, be quite challenging due to the many logistics involved. Fortunately, you have us to assist you all the way in organising an amazing wedding banquet that will make your day a memorable one. Relevant services are all customized to suit your needs. Our staffs are professional, and the chefs are qualified in diverse culinary styles.

Wedding banquets should be handled with the utmost attention because of the variety of visitors expected to attend. While it is difficult to tell the tastes of every guest, our long experience in the industry enables us to cater for all cultures, religions and classes. Belief is a subtle thing that may ruin your wedding if you hired a service provider that does not understand such religious prejudices. Some guests could also be having health conditions like allergies and some may be strict vegetarians. We strive to make sure that everyone is well catered for during the event. Our top notch services include:

Banquet equipments

Provision of banquet tables, chairs and décor according to the number of expected guests. The decorations are done according to your requests, normally several hours before your big day. We provide all sorts of color and flowers.

Services readily for every season

Provision of wedding banquet services for all seasons as we do not mind the location and timing of your event, as long as we are given all necessary information. We can, therefore, cater for evening ceremonies, late night parties and mid-morning events.

A big variety of cuisines offered

Catering for exclusive religious ceremonies including Indian, Muslim, Christian, Malay, Chinese and civil:

· Indian receptions never experience a shortage of cultural foods such as daals, pulao, spices and breads. Drinks are always in plenty, desserts provided and vegetarians are always taken care of accordingly.

· Chinese banquets full of roasted pork, fish, and the symbolic chicken in red oil, pigeons, cakes and lobsters, among other foods.

· Muslim banquets with great attention to halal foods such as biryani, chicken, flavored rice and meats that are acceptable in Islam.

· Italian wedding reception full of all the delicacies of Rome such as pasta, calamari, olives, pickled pepper, sea foods and plenty of assorted wine.

· Malay wedding banquets with local delicacies served in buffet style.

· Barbeques for outdoor servings where guest enjoy roasted chicken, meat, bread and cakes and other outdoor cooking.

  •  Why you should choose us

There are numerous catering services providers out, there but it is hard to find one that has a specialized staff unit with culinary skills that transcend the normal food service. If you are holding an exclusively religious ceremony, we have qualified people to handle your requests. You might even choose to organize a cross-cultural event which demands a lot of knowledge on the different food traditions that play an important role during the vow taking.



With our professional services offered, you will always been guaranteed that your event will run smoothly. For an amazing wedding banquet that fits your culture, style, class and religion, give us a call today.


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