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Chinese New Year Banquet

Dreaming Of The Perfect Chinese New Year Banquet?

chinese-new-year-banquet-02There are a lot of moments in life that can only happen once. And if they are special to us, we make them last. From wedding, christening, Chinese New Year banquets, anniversaries, debuts to other special occasions, we dream of making them as perfect as possible. We make sure nothing ruins that special moment. No late comers, absences, bad location, bad weather, and of course, no bad service and bad food. It’s tough to set your standards this high, but achieving perfection is definitely not impossible.

Choosing The Banquet Service That Can Help You Reach The Celebration You Have Always Dreamed Of


The factor that can make or break the whole serving team. You will know a service is good when it is organized and fast with servers who are friendly and courteous. This can be tested when tables are served as quick as possible with very minimal lag in between. A good service has servers that remain calm and composed despite demanding situations. In a Chinese New Year Banquet, there is a different pattern of service. So it is important for the team to be aware of these traditions and reasons behind serving food A first before food B. But another important characteristic that a server must possess is excellent customer service and communication skills. Successful service can be seen through the satisfaction of guests from the unity and coordination of the whole staff.


It is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in a banquet service. In some cases, when it tastes crazy good, it makes up for the bad service. But a perfect banquet service must ace both elements. When it comes to food, obviously taste is king. And a special menu is required for different kinds of banquet. For example, Chinese New Year Banquets must have authentic tasting Chinese food. And the server must effectively bring desire from the menu course description. The way it is described should arouse the guests to eat the meal at that very moment. So rightly, the food must be delicious in actuality.


This is what every banquet service should fulfill—the once and a lifetime feeling. You can tell this if you seem to enjoy the whole celebration without pointing anything bad about the service. Chinese New Year celebrations are alive and colorful and the service must keep that spirit up. So when people try to look back at the time of the celebration, all they can remember are happy memories.

Whatever the customers need, our service has it. We provide catering services to almost any event, from Chinese New Year Banquet, to Wedding, to Anniversaries, to Birthdays. You name it. You got your visions and we have the excellence.

chinese-new-year-banquet-01Looking for the perfect service to make all these possible, our catering service has all those factors checked. We offer a range of excellent fine-dining food catered to you by our equally excellent team of servers. Not to mention, we also provide event management services such as banquet tables, banquet chairs, decorations, canopy and a whole lot more. Let us be partners in making the event of your dreams come to life.

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